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Update Posted March 28th 2020

As of today the state we operate from, New Hampshire, has set in place a stay home order. While this does not have an impact on our ability to drop off packages, we as a team have made some changes to the way we will be doing business for the foreseeable future, until we are over the peak of this at least.

We will be cutting back to once weekly post office package drop off on Thursdays only.
Our family has been home and not going out other than the post office and we are taking precautions to sanitize work surfaces, doorknobs, and other areas.
We ask our customers that when they receive their package that they also take precautions. Between the time we drop your package off and the time you get your package in hand it has passed through many hands and areas with people. Some suggested precautions are that you can open your package outside with gloves or wash your hands after opening. Toss the package away outside.
You could also disinfect the outside of the package before bringing it inside to open and then wash your hands after. Just be mindful of touching your package then touching your face or children’s faces without having washed your hands.

With this being said we plan to continue in stock sales as long as we can do so while remaining safe. We feel that cutting back to weekly drop offs and implementing safe precautions when making the drop offs will keep our family safe and allow us to continue with in stock orders. As always, we appreciate each and every one of our customers and your support both on a daily basis and in a time like this. Your support is very meaningful to us. We hope that each and every one of you remain healthy and safe.

We would also like to thank any of our customers who are on the front lines working hard to help with this virus, thank the customers who are out working taking the risk to be able to do their jobs, and to thank the many people out of work or at home with their families who are protecting us all by staying home. Thank you all!

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